About TaDa Time:

About TaDa Time App:

Introducing a new way to communicate and express yourself within your digital community. With the TaDa Time app, you are able to create your “TaDa” (avatar), and easily integrate them into the world around you.

At TaDa Time, our mission is to fundamentally change the way people communicate by introducing them to the enchanting world of Augmented Reality.

With a text based chat, you are only able to communicate your emotions through emojis. More so, a video based chat can capture and communicate in 2D but cannot give a real-life feel. We wanted to give people a way to combine their creativity, with their ability to share their reality in 3D. With TaDa Time, you are able to create a seamless canvas between your ideas and the space around you to share and express your thoughts.

TaDa Time, a product of Augray Inc, an extended reality (XR) company based in WI, USA.